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Benefits of Power Lift Chairs

Benefits of Power Lift Chairs
Getting in and out of a recliner has never been easier!

Some seniors and disabled individuals have difficulty sitting down on furniture or standing up when they need to leave. Fortunately, power lift chairs offer a highly effective solution. This piece of furniture resembles a recliner but has a large motor that automatically adjusts its position. Motorized chairs deliver several noteworthy benefits

  • A power lift chair could allow you to relax in your living room without worrying about pain and accidental falls. It can assist people who have arthritis or weak muscles. This type of recliner may help you stay in your home and continue to live independently as you grow older.
  • You won’t have to worry about hurting a family member or assistant when you use an automatic chair. Sadly, more than half of senior caregivers eventually become injured while they help elderly people. A person’s weight could easily strain an assistant’s muscles, and both individuals can suffer injuries when a fall occurs.
  • Some high-end models allow owners to recline into a position that keeps their feet above their hearts. This may improve physical comfort and enhance mobility because it stops your legs from swelling. It can help heal foot injuries as well. Always consult with a physician before adopting the Trendelenburg position for long periods of time.
  • Many seats give people the option to fully recline when they want to sleep. These chairs can make it possible for you to independently lie down for a nap and stand up afterward. If you want to have this ability, remember to select a model with at least three position settings. Although we don’t recommend using a recliner as a bed, it’s an appealing place to snooze when you feel tired in the afternoon.
  • A number of power lift chairs offer massage functions. Among other health benefits, they improve mobility by relaxing muscles. You can make adjustments until you find the settings that produce the most beneficial and enjoyable experience. This feature also allows you to avoid the high expense and potential inconvenience of visiting a massage therapist.

Buying a New Chair

The government or a medical insurer may help you afford a power lift chair. Insurance companies often reimburse 20- to 50-percent of the cost. Medicare provides about $300, according to The Huffington Post. You need to meet various criteria to qualify for reimbursement. Medicare expects chair buyers to have serious neuromuscular illnesses or intense arthritis that affects the knees or hip.

Be sure to think about ordering a power lift chair from United Oxygen and Medical Equipment if you reside in western New York. We offer several appealing brands, models and styles. They range from relatively basic units to sophisticated massage recliners. We can help you determine if an insurer will cover part of the cost. To get started, please contact United or tour our Rochester, N.Y. showroom.


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