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Lift Chairs

Benefits of Lift Chairs

Power recliners use buttons to have controlled movements that not only reduce wear and tear, but also make it easier for the user. Golden recliners offer those that no longer have a full range of movement to easily move their chair into any position they chose to relax in.

  • Smooth movements – A power recliner does not require much effort and exertion of physical strength to work. With a just a push of a button, you can experience the smooth and easy back and forth reclining feature. It is very convenient for people with disabilities or for the elderly to operate.
  • Durability – Electric recliners are much more durable. They undergo less wear and tear and so they have longer lifespans than a manual one.
  • Covered by insurance – Since recliners are medical devices for many people, the cost may be covered by insurance.
  • Warranty – The electric motor and its parts are covered under a warranty.
  • Technology – Electric recliners are created or designed using modern or advanced technology.
  • Custom settings – The power recliners usually have many more positions and settings than a regular recliner. You can adjust and manipulate it into many different positions or whatever angle suits you best. The different parts of the recliner like the headrest and footrest can move separately and the seat of the chair can be tilted forward to help the user stand up.

Things to consider when buying a lift chair

  • Space – Before you buy, take measurements of where the lift chair will go and be sure of clearance when the chair is fully open
  • Style – Just like any other piece of furniture make sure it is a style you enjoy and want in your home.
  • Features – Ask about all possible feature so you are aware of what is out there and what you need to have the perfect lift chair for YOU

Your insurance may cover a portion of your chair, and United Oxygen and Medical Equipment will work with your doctor to see if you qualify for insurance coverage.

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Insurance Reimbursement / Payment Criteria for a New Lift Chair

Insurance may cover the seat lift mechanism portion of the new lift chair. The reimbursement amount is between $210 to $290 depending on the insurance and your location.

Medicare patient and doctor requirements.

• The patient has severe arthritis of the hip or knee, or has a severe neuromuscular disease.

• The patient is completely incapable of standing up from a regular armchair or any chair in his/her home.

• Once standing, the patient needs to have the ability to walk.

• All appropriate therapeutic modalities to enable the patient to transfer from a chair to a standing position have tried and failed. (e.g. medication, physical therapy)

The above criteria need to be met before the patient becomes eligible for insurance reimbursement for the lift mechanism. In some cases, insurances may make exceptions if one of the criteria is not met.

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