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Mirage FX (Kit)


  • Innovative design increases patient comfort
  • Minimal facial contact
  • Reduces noise for better sleep

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The Mirage™ FX Nasal Mask enhances comfort with a softer cushioning at the nasal bridge and an evenly distributed design to reduce pressure on the cheeks. The lightweight, easy to clean design allows effortless sleep apnea therapy and a restful sleep. ResMed Mirage FX is a nasal mask designed with performance and comfort in mind. It incorporates advanced materials, breakthrough technology, and user-focused design. It is easy to use and easy to fit. Behind the sophisticated simplicity of Mirage FX is an array of advanced features and easy functionality.


Cushion Type Silicone
Magnetic Clips No
Latex Free Yes
Mouth Breather No
Side Sleeper Yes
Claustrophobic Yes
TV Friendly No
For Her No
Facial Hair Yes


Reduced Pressure Points

The cannula style nasal connection reduces facial contact which reduces redness and soreness. The dual-wall cushions contour to the nostrils for a snug fit that gently caresses the skin, so you never experience morning nasal irritation. The softer texture cushions are also gentler on the nasal bridge where soreness is most common.

More Comfortable Headgear

The headgear features SoftEdge cushions for a soothing fit that also reduces facial contact. A form-fitting design quickly and easily adapts to face and head shape so minimal adjustment is required. Perfect for unique and smaller head and facial features in women.

Easy Removal for Getting Up at Night

The headgear design also includes easy removal loops that let you slip in and out of your mask as needed without losing your adjustment settings. Squeeze tabs make the mask easy to take off and the hose also disconnects with ease.

A Lighter, More Durable Frame

The designers at ResMed made the frame of the Mirage FX Nasal Mask lighter so you feel less weight on your face, without compromising durability. The strong design will last you for many nights of CPAP therapy.

Freedom of Movement

Designed for active sleepers, the Mirage FX provides the flexibility to let you change sleeping positions without fear of losing your seal. The design maintains performance while dynamically moving with your physical position all night long. .

A Quieter Nasal Mask System

The diffused air engineering of the ResMed Mirage FX redistributes air pressure during exhalation when it is loudest during CPAP therapy. The rechanneled air flows out quietly so you and your bed partner never lose sleep to a noisy CPAP mask.

Clear Field of Vision

With the low-profile design of the Mirage FX, you can easily follow pre-bedtime activities such as reading or watching TV without discomfort from a bulky CPAP mask. The innovative design even allows for eating and drinking without disruption so you can enjoy that bedtime snack or glass of water without removing your mask. The goal was to create a nasal mask that lets you start your CPAP therapy before you go to sleep.

Removing ResMed Mirage FX for Her Nasal Mask

  1. To take off your ResMed Mirage FX For Her, disconnect one of the lower headgear hooks and bring the mask and headgear up and over the head.
  2. ResMed Mirage FX for Her Nasal Mask Disassembly
  3. Unhook the upper headgear straps from the mask frame; the Velcro does not need to be undone.
  4. Click the side-tabs and draw away from the mask frame to remove the integrated elbow assembly and air tubing from the mask. Disconnect the air tubing from the elbow assembly.
  5. Detach the cushion from the mask frame with caution.

ResMed Mirage FX for Her Nasal Mask Complete System Reassembly

  1. Match the top cushion tab with the recess at the top of the mask to ensure the cushion is positioned properly.
  2. Pull the pillow gently through the front of the mask frame until it is tightly locked in place. The cushion tabs on either side should be pressed against the mask frame. Check to see whether the cushion is bent or warped.
  3. Attach the top headgear straps onto each of the upper headgear hooks and secure them to the mask frame.
  4. Insert the elbow assembly into the air tubing and press the side-tabs into the mask to connect the combination elbow assembly and air tubing to the mask.