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Quattro FX (Kit)


  • Reduced size frame for more comfort
  • Contoured headgear for stability and comfort
  • SpringAir cushions for even air distribution

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The smaller design of the ResMed Quattro FX makes for a lighter, less bulky fit for full face CPAP mask users. No forehead supports are necessary, and the Spring Airframe provides a clear field of vision and reduced facial contact for less irritation and a more comfortable full face CPAP mask experience.


Cushion Type Silicone
Magnetic Clips No
Latex Free Yes
Mouth Breather Yes
Side Sleeper Yes
Claustrophobic Yes
TV Friendly Yes
For Her No
Facial Hair Yes


A frame that contours

With contoured cushioning, ResMed’s Spring Airframe offers more adjustability over standard full face masks. Forehead supports that used to irritate the skin are gone. The more comfortable headgear molds around the crown of your head for a reduced-size full face mask fit.

Dual-wall cushions for air pressure distribution

The Quattro FX maintains even air pressure distribution all night long. Movements during sleep do not affect the stable and secure air pressure delivery. This air pressure feature also means quieter mask operation, as leaks are less common thanks to the dual-wall cushions.

No red marks on the face

With the minimized design, ResMed Quattro FX users will experience fewer red marks and irritation from mask contact. The mask does not obstruct your view, so you can comfortably watch TV, read or wear eyeglasses during CPAP therapy.