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Wisp Fitpack (Pkg)


  • Naturally fitting low profile design
  • Easy to assemble headgear
  • Superior silicone cushion seal

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The benefits of a CPAP nasal mask and a CPAP nasal pillow mask are now combined. The designers at Philips Respironics have created a hybrid CPAP mask that includes the comfort and performance of leading nasal masks with the versatility and freedom of a nasal pillow mask. With its minimally invasive nature and improved seal, Wisp provides the convenience and performance that you want and deserve from a CPAP mask.


Cushion Type Silicone
Magnetic Clips No
Latex Free Yes
Mouth Breather No
Side Sleeper Yes
Claustrophobic Yes
TV Friendly Yes
For Her Yes
Facial Hair Yes


Lower Profile Mask

The minimized design gives you clear visibility to watch TV and read while using your CPAP mask. Overall facial contact is also reduced by the compact design.

More Comfort

This nasal mask design reduces irritation commonly associated with nasal pillow masks, offering enhanced stability for a better and more secure fit all night long.

Softer Mask Headgear

The headgear features a fabric cushioning option to reduce frame contact with your face and provide a more comfortable CPAP experience.

Easier to Assemble Headgear

The magnetic clips make it easy to disassemble this mask for cleaning. By making the mask design simple for anyone to take apart and reassemble, users are more likely to maintain regular cleaning to ensure safe and healthy mask use.

Easy to Remove

For those who need to get up in the middle of the night, the quick release elbow is important. Simply remove the elbow connection when you need to get out of bed and reattach it when you are ready to go back to sleep.