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AirFit F30i (Kit)


  • Top-of-head tube connection for freedom of movement
  • SpringFit frame contours to every face shape
  • Minimal facial contact for reduced red marks

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The ResMed AirFit F30i combines full-face CPAP therapy with the comfort and ease of a minimalistic design. Based on the design of the AirFIt N30i, this mask features a top-of-the-head tube connection and a hollow frame, allowing air to flow through the frame to create a more complete seal. The full-face cushion sits under the nose to eliminate the bulk of traditional full-face CPAP masks. Additionally, the full-face cushion and headgear can easily be swapped for that of the N30i or P30i for users who wish to try a different configuration.


Cushion Type Silicone
Magnetic Clips Yes
Latex Free Yes
Mouth Breather Yes
Side Sleeper Yes
Claustrophobic Yes
TV Friendly Yes
For Her No
Facial Hair Yes


Freedom to see Clearly

Thanks to a reduced profile, the AirFit F30i CPAP mask allows users to easily watch TV, read or wear eyeglasses with comfort. Many traditional full-face masks are bulky and get in the way. This redesigned fit from ResMed delivers a wide, clear perspective that allows users to enjoy many pre-bedtime activities in comfort.

Quiet Diffused Air Engineering

The AirFit F30i comes equipped with specialized venting holes, drilled right in the front of the cushion. These vents allow users to quietly exhale air during therapy without unwanted noise. This means that you and your bed partner can now sleep in peace, uninterrupted.

Built for Active Sleepers

The secure seal, formed by the hollow frame and SpringFit technology, is one of the most innovative in full-face mask designs. Active sleepers, whether switching from the side, stomach, or back will never lose the reliable seal, which ensures CPAP compliance.

Minimal Facial Contact

As with all newer AirFit designs, the F30i features minimal facial contact. The full-face cushion sits under the nose, rather than on the nose bridge. This updated design reduces red marks and irritation, while also providing a more comfortable fit. This minimal design also provides a more open field of vision.

Top-of-Head Swivel Connection

Are you an active sleeper? The ResMed F30i includes a top-of-the-head elbow for 360 degrees of rotation. Connect your CPAP tube to the top of your head and keep it out of the way for more freedom of movement. Need to get up in the middle of the night? The elbow swivel offers two push buttons that allow you to easily detach from your CPAP machine.

Disconnect with Ease

eIn addition to the buttons on the elbow swivel, the AirFit F30i also includes magnetic clips that attach the headgear to the full-face cushion. Using the Velcro straps, users can adjust the headgear to comfortably fit their face shape; don’t pull too tightly to avoid leaks and red marks.