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Victory® 10 3-Wheel

The sleek, sporty Victory® 10 scooter delivers high performance operation, all-new features and feather-touch disassembly. With a full complement of advanced standard features like exclusive low-profile tires, backlit battery gauge, and wraparound delta tiller, the Victory 10 is a greater value than ever before.


Whether you are out on the town or at home with family — now you can always have your oxygen with you. OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrators allow you to come and go as you please without having to switch equipment.


Effective sleep apnea therapy, which includes the use of CPAP equipment, has been shown to help ease common symptoms and improve energy levels, productivity and overall mind-body wellness. It’s important to remember that if left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to other serious health issues.


With the use of a nebulizer, patients can inhale their prescribed medication directly into the lungs, giving them fast relief from inflammation and allowing them to breathe easier. Nebulizers are excellent options for treating the following respiratory conditions: Asthma. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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CPAP supplies are now available for purchase

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United Oxygen and Medical Equipment provides the latest technology in home oxygen equipment. We provide patients with portable oxygen concentrators, which allow patients the freedom to live their lives without the restraints associated with oxygen tanks. The respiratory line includes a variety of portable oxygen concentrators, pediatric and adult nebulizers, including portable nebulizers, and cpap equipment and supplies.

Ken Terry
Ken Terry
While on a trip to the Rochester area I had an issue with my CPAP. After no sleep, I rose early & called the store. I received exceptional assistance on the phone and told the part I needed was in stock. Made a short drive and was greeted by kind - smiling individuals that were ready to assist. I had 5 more nights left on my vacation and was able to sleep very well afterwards...Thanks!
Carl Hysner
Carl Hysner
My old cpap finally died and I needed a new one. Jacquelyn at United Oxygen and Medical supply set me up with a new CPAP. She was friendly, professional and explained clearly the process. I will be buying all my supplies from them from now on. Thanks!!!
Thanks to Ida, whose expertise helped me to buy my rollater walker and quad cane! Ida is so kind and patient, and she brought them to me to try out as I was sitting to rest from weakness. She sized them for me and explained everything in detail. She answered all my questions with grace and professionalism. But most of all she was so very kind and patient to me, which is so much needed with people who are sick. She even brought everything out to my car as we were finished, assisting me how to fold the walker to put it in the back seat. Ida is a very valuable asset to this company, and she should be commended and receive compensation for her outstanding work. Thank you, Ida!
Elizabeth Bastian
Elizabeth Bastian
Two months ago I had a very difficult spine operation. When I got home from the hospital, I was I had shape. I couldn't lie down in my bed or get our of bed. Sitting or standing was practally impossible let alone getting out of a chair. My daughter knew of a lady who works at United Oxygen and made arrangements to get me a reclining chair. I expressed that I needed one ASAP! Well, United had one at my house the next day! Thank you Jackie! You saved my life!
Bruce Lippa
Bruce Lippa
Jacqueline and Patrick have been very helpful with my startup on CPAP. Patrick explained equipment and adjusted headgear for me. He was knowlegeable, easy to talk and patient with all of my questions. Thank You!! 😀
Shanika Brown
Shanika Brown
Jacquelyn was amazing! She was knowledgeable and went above and beyond with assisting me with my purchase. I ended getting all the things I needed and more to ensure my dad would be safe and mobile. United oxygen is definitely a great location that provides a variety of products and services.
Julie Baliva
Julie Baliva
Today I switched my Oxygen Supplies to United Oxygen and I am sure I made the right choice.. The people were very nice and knowledgeable. I felt for the first time that they actually care about their customers. So glad I did this.