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Quattro Air With Headgear


  • Enhanced nose bridge comfort
  • Minimal facial contact headgear
  • High performance diffused air venting
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ResMed’s Quattro series has earned a reputation for high performance, excellent seal quality, and proven reliability so it is no surprise that the Quattro series is one of ResMed’s best-selling full face masks. Designed with all the positive features of the Quattro masks, ResMed cut the weight of the mask almost in half to create the new Quattro Air. It’s lighter, sleeker, simpler to use, and even more comfortable than its predecessors while reaching all the performance attributes that have made the Quattro series a winner in the market.

The ResMed Quattro Air Full Face mask is loaded with features that work on simplifying the user experience to encourage easy patient acceptance. It’s ideal for the newly diagnosed as well as for existing full face mask patients looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and simple to use alternative. ResMed Quattro Air is one of the lightest full-face masks on the market plus it offers improved comfort over the previous masks.

The ResMed Quattro Air is a lightweight full-face mask that offers more comfort. Weighing just over 3 ounces, the Quattro Air delivers less bulk than traditional CPAP masks, giving you the feeling of wearing no mask at all. Other features, like extra cushioning around the nose bridge and SoftEdge headgear provide the most comfortable experience in CPAP full-face masks.


Cushion Type Silicone
Magnetic Clips No
Latex Free Yes
Mouth Breather Yes
Side Sleeper Yes
Claustrophobic No
TV Friendly No
For Her No
Facial Hair Yes


More Cushioning, More Comfort

The dual-wall SpringAir cushions provide critical padding around key mask touch points on the face, including the nose bridge. The secure cushions protect from red marks and irritations.

A Reduced Contact Headgear

The rolled-edge fabric on the headgear keeps facial touchpoints from becoming sore spots. With four areas of adjustments, patients can contour the headgear to fit their head comfortably and without too much hassle.

Stable Design with Easy Adjustment

The flex-wing supports on the forehead make it easier to adjust your full face mask to fit you. Instead of a stability bar, the flex wings are soft and comfortable, making therapy compliance easy. Once in place, the sturdy design keeps your mask secure and you never need forehead pads.

Air Diffusion for Peaceful Sleep

To eliminate the nuisance of breathing against blowing air, the designers at ResMed created a circular diffusion vent around the elbow swivel that breaks down airflow. This allows more exhaled air to be vented into the room, while also remaining virtually silent for you and your bed partner.

Four Parts to the Whole Mask

The simplified design of the ResMed Quattro Air makes it easy to disassemble and clean this full-face mask. A one-piece elbow connection lets you easily remove your tube.