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Sunset Healthcare Mini Portable Mesh


The Mini Mesh Nebulizer from Sunset Healthcare Solutions is an ultrasonic mesh nebulizer. It is small and compact, weighing only a quarter of a pound, and provides fast, effective treatment for patients 5 years and older. It can be used either with the included mouthpiece or face mask assemblies and is whisper-quiet, allowing you to receive treatment wherever you are! The Sunset Mini Mesh Nebulizer runs on AA batteries or via the included USB power cord.

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The Sunset Mini Mesh Nebulizer will complete most treatments in approximately 10 minutes. If treatment times take longer, it may be an indication that the medicine cup should be replaced. The mesh disc vibrates at a rate that produces smaller particles than most other nebulizers. This ensures that the medicine penetrates deeply into the lungs for effective respiratory therapy.


One of the unique features of this nebulizer is that the nebulizing mesh disk is integrated into the medicine cup, rather than the handheld portion of the device. This makes cleaning the mesh much easier - simply nebulize water through the device to remove any excess medication in the mesh. Then rinse the mouthpiece assembly with distilled water and allow it to dry completely. The mesh disk and mouthpiece assembly should also be disinfected on a regular basis (twice a week). To disinfect, simply boil the mouthpiece assembly in water for 10 minutes.